An elderly couple in conversation in a parkHearing loss management

In some situations the impacts of hearing loss can be mitigated through the use of simple communication changes.

Hearing loss management session

Suitable for:

Anyone whose wants help dealing with their hearing loss but cannot, or would rather not use hearing aid technology to mitigate the problem.


45 minutes

Prior to the appointment:

You should have already seen us for a hearing assessment.

During the appointment:

Your spouse or another person close to you is encouraged to attend the session with you. Your Audiologist will explain to both of you some of the more common mistakes or oversights made by both sides of a conversation, and suggest some techniques and considerations for improvement.

What you walk away with:

You and any other participants will have an improved understanding of the impacts of hearing loss and how to improve communication through simple but effective habit changes.

Booking information:

Visit our appointment page for costs and an online booking form.

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