A woman balances on a set of concrete pier posts that extend into the oceanBalance function testing

Vestibular is a word that describes the balance function from your ears. The sense of balance is controlled by signals to the brain from three sensory systems:

  • Eyes
  • Movement sensors on the skin, muscles and joints
  • Inner ear (vestibular system). This includes three fluid filled loops known as the semicircular canals which respond to the rotation of the head. The utricle and the saccule detect gravity and back and forth motion.

What we offer

Brindabella Hearing & Speech Centre is commited to assisting the diagnosis of what can be a very debilitating health problem. Our university qualified Audiologists are trained in the latest assessment techniques and technology to ensure accuracy of results.

Smiling woman wearing vestibular testing gogglesVestibular Assessment

  • For: Anyone experiencing undiagnosed dizziness or poor balance
  • Length: 1.5 hours
  • Preparation: when you book your appointment our staff will provide you with information on preparing for the assessment

Assessment of the vestibular system is conducted through a series of tests designed to measure the vestibulo-ocular reflex via eye movment. Videonystagmography, the measurement of this reflex, is achieved through the patient wearing video goggles.

  • Optokinetic Tests require the patient to follow a series of lights on a TV screen to measure the reflex.
  • Positional Tests measure the response of the vestibular system to changes in head and body position.
  • Bithermal Calorics involve warm and cold air being blown gently into the ear for about one minute. The temperature change created causes the fluid in the semicircular canals to move. This may makes some people dizzy for a brief period. This is done twice in each ear once with warm air and once with cold air.

A medical referral is recommended for this appointment to ensure the test is appropriate for your health care needs.

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